A training course on “Media and community participation of women” at Faculty of Media at SVU

 In the framework of the activities of Faculty of Media and Communication Technology was held a training course on  “Media and community participation of women” in the light  of a project of  “preparation of  opinion leaders in the community” by  Women Research Center, which aims to train women leaders to solve societal problems such as women’s issues and revenge, as Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president pointed that this course was held in the frame of the university’ role in community services and the role of  Faculty of Media and Communication Technology in Humanities skills and solving the problems in community , while the course was held over (3) days about The impact of drama on the women in upper Egypt , positives and negatives as well as the media’s  role in raising awareness of the problems for rural women and solving  the childhood issues , violence and discrimination against women, beside Dr.  Abdul Aziz El Sayed, professor of media confirmed that the course also included communication skills, social and humanitarian in addition to role of religious discourse in the current period and offering  the experiences of other countries in the Arab and foreign countries.