The university president distributes the religious competition awards at SVU

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president attended the celebration organized by the Sports Committee of employee at the university for distributing the awards of religious competition memorizing Quran in Ramadan for the university employee and their sons besides, the Cultural Competition and religious for Members of sports Committee where the University President stressed on the importance of holding these competitions annually for encouraging the employees to research and improving the religious knowledge
As the Holy Quran competition for sons of the employees was resulted of winning Arej Shawky Mohammed , first rank , Rana Abdul Aziz Abdul Kader,second rank , Yasmine Sayed Hamza, third rank , , Mahmoud Abdel Rahim Mohamed ,fourth rank and Marwa Abdel Radi Abul-Naga ,fifth rank , while the third level in the competition Shadli Ahmed Mohammed, security administration was won the first rank , Shawki Mohammed Amin , the Director of the University President Office and Sayed Hamza, register of students affairs at Faculty of Archeology , and for cultural competition Abdul Aziz Abdul Kader, public Relations administration won the first rank ,Shadli Ahmed Mohammed, security administration , second rank , Amr Fathi Mohammed Badri , specialist at Media administration , third rank , third rank , Mubarak Ahmed Mohammed, director of the media center ,fourth rank and Ahmed Abdel Hakam Abu Hassan, specialist at media administration
It is worth mentioning that the competition was organized by Medhat Mahmoud Ali secretary of the Sports Committee and Sheikh Yusuf Mohamed ,supervised on arbitration University in presence of General Secretary of the university , Assistant of General Secretary at the university as well as employees and their children.