South Valley University Council decides: -Agreements on Joint Cooperation and Exchange of Experiences with International Universities -Establishing Solar Energy Station at Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor

South Valley University Council in its recent meeting headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president approved on a memorandum of understanding with the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Institute for Research on parasites), which represents a joint cooperation with Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University in the fields of science and higher education and postgraduate, as the Council also approved on the cooperation with Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Okayama in Japan in order to exchange experiences in scientific research, information and teaching methods.
While the University President pointed that the council approved Establishing Solar Energy Station at Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor, as well as holding 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology Science and Applications in the period from February 24 – 27, 2015 and the executive plan for improving the governance systems inside the university, beside exchanging the reward of exams in May 2014 for academic staff , their assistants and employees at the university.
The Council also approved on appointment of Dr. Enas Kamal Mohamed Emara , as Assistant Professor of Music Education, Music Education Department, Faculty of Specific Education, and appointing both of Dr. Yasser Abdullah Hafny Hassan, Faculty of Education and Dr. Abdo Ibrahim Mohamed Abaza, Faculty of Archeology as assistant professor, moreover the council approved appointment both of Dr. Doaa Ahmed Kamal , and Dr. Suad Said Mahmoud Othman, Faculty of Arts as a doctor , and granting doctoral degree students/ Ezzat Mahmoud Abd El-Alim Ahmad , Ashraf Amin Gad Abu Zeid, Mohamed Mahmoud Khadr , Faculty of Arts and student Chadli Abdo Mohammed Ahmed from the Faculty of Engineering and Ahmed Abd El- Hamid Ahmed Mustafa at Faculty of Education in Hurghada, as well as granting Master’s degree for students Hamida Ali Abd El Ghani Noor , Mohamed Kamal Qenawy , Mohammad Azab Hassan Ali, Faculty of Education, Fatima Zahra Mohammed Fawzi and Manal Mahmoud Faculty of Science, Mohamed Farid Shawqi , Mahmoud Fawzi Mohammed Hamad Allah , Abdul Rahim Mohamed El Saghir , and Mohamed Fouad Rashid ,Faculty of Physical Education, Hassan Ahmed Abd El Moneim , Asmaa Saber Fouad Saber Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and SafaaAl-Sayed Fotouhi Abdul Rahman , Faculty of Commerce