South Valley University Council decides: – – Establishing Faculty of Studies, Energy Research and Nanotechnology – Acceptance of (12890) students at the university faculties for academic year 2014/2015

South Valley University Council headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president decided to establish faculty Postgraduate Studies and Research under the name of Studies and Energy Research, and Nanotechnology , beside forming a committee under the name of the ethics of scientific research, as well as the council approved holding the honoring ceremony for winners of the University awards in 2013 as well as granting a reward of awards committee for (40) Assistance administrations next March, as the council approved acceptance about (12890) students at the University faculties in Qena ,Luxor and Hurghada for the academic year 2014-2015 , beside holding events of 6th environment week on Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Council also approved on the project of internal bylaw for undergraduate at Faculty Nursing and adding some medical specialties for the Institute of Technical Health for Nursing (specialization of Radiology and Tests), in addition the Council approved on the program of open education.
On the other hand, he Council approved appointing Dr. Karam Muslim Essa as a professor of cardiac surgery and chest , Dr Ahmed Hashim Abdellah as a professor of obstetrics and gynecology , Dr. Mahmoud Abd Al-Hamid Omar as Assistant Professor of General Surgery , Dr. Hanan Mahmoud Abd Al-Latif as Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and chemical at Faculty of Medicine , as well as appointing as a lecturer both of Dr. Al-Gharib Shahat and Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Ismail , Faculty of Science , Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sattar Hamouda , Faculty of Commerce, Dr. Hana Ismail , Faculty of Nursing and Dr. Ragab Ahmed Atta , Faculty of Education in Hurghada .
Moreover the Council approved granting the doctoral degree for each of Najwa Mohammed Ismail , Hassan Radwan Mahmoud and Saeed Ali Obaid Ali , Faculty of Arts , Essam Ali Nur Al-Din , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim and Mohamed Abdel -Shafi Muhammad , Faculty of Medicine, beside granting the master’s degree for each of Mustafa Ahmed Abdullah , Jamal Saleh Mahmoud ,Mahmoud Ali Abdel-Alim , Naila Hassan Mohammed and Amira Mohammed Hassan ,Faculty of Education, Mohammed Hassan and Mohammed Fikry Hamid , Hussein Abu Olaa Abdul Bari , Khloud Sultan Bakhit and Fawzi Ali Ahmed , Faculty of Arts , Ali Omar Ahmed and Salwa Nasr Ali ,Faculty of Commerce and Aml Ramadan Fawey and Amani Hamed Mohamed , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hassan Ali Ahmed , Amr Alm Al-Din Ahmed , Shaimaa Shahat Badawy , Iman Abdel Azim Abu Al-Wafa and Kamal Hajaj Hamza ,Faculty of Medicine , Mohamed Abo Al-Fotouh Saad , Faculty of Physical Education , Maher Samir Abdel Samie , Faculty of Archaeology and Mervat Youssef Massoud ,Faculty of Education in Hurghada
While the Council approved granting the successful students in exams of December 2013 about (7) students the diploma degree from Faculty of Arts ,and in exams of October 2013 about (30) diploma degree from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.