The Studio of Media Department produces: The First Documentary Film about the university

In the framework of the activities of the studio in media department, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President and under the supervision of Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Sayed, head of the media department, the team work of the studio with the participation of students produced the first documentary film on the university history and its development stages since its establishment as a branch from Assiut University in 1970 even its separation in 1995, where the film shows the educational and research services that provide to students, as well as the university’s services to the surrounding community, beside the team work consisted of Abdullah Abd Al-Rahim Mohammed , Demonstrator in Media Department, Sayed Taha Mustafa, Engineer of sound in Studio , Ahmed Gamal Medany , student at Faculty of Commerce ,Hassan Amer, student of postgraduate at Faculty of Education and Tamer Jaber , student at Faculty of Law