Conducting Surgeries of Repairing Congenital Brain Defects at the University Hospital: Eradicating encephalocele for a newborn baby and a child (3) years in Neurosurgery Department at the University Hospital

It was conducted this morning a number of surgeries  in the brain at  Neurosurgery Department of the University Hospital, where was conducted  eradication of encephalocele surgery  ,which is one of a birth defects  for  a newborn baby  at the age of (45) days that was taken  an hour by Prof. Dr.  Ali Rabea Kamel ,  Director of the new university hospital and Dr. Amr Desouky, Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery Department , the  University Hospital    It was also conducted eradication of encephalocele surgery in  spinal cord for a child at the age of (3) years by Prof. Dr. Ali Rabea  , Dr. Amr Taeel , Assistant Lecturer  , Dr. Islam Al-Sayed, Assistant Lecturer  , Neurosurgery Department, at the University Hospital for two hours, as it is conducting many of surgeries in Neurosurgery Department included cases of Spinal Disc Herniation and Spinal Tumors,  as well as the eradication of brain tumors and treatment of bleeding in the brain .