Conclusion of 1st Festival of Student Activities for the Egyptian Universities

It was concluded the events of 1st  Festival of Student Activities for Egyptian Universities, which began from the pyramids in Giza to the Temple of Luxor with the participation of students of Egyptian university in a wonderful celebration , where   the students stressed on  the festival mission  to inform the people of the world that Egypt is a country of safety and security, as it is a cradle of civilizations through ancient history and modern, and East Gate charming.   While the students of South Valley participated with the participating delegations and student/ Ahmed Hagagy delivered a speech on behalf of students of Egyptian Universities , where  he welcomed all the delegations in south valley university and stressed that students of Egyptian university are the youth of the future in this country and they are keen on the stability , as he  thanked all ministries and agencies that  supported this festival   On the sidelines of the festival  it was held a workshop under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president   for  drawing various  boards on the  land of the temple by  Students of Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor for expressing the future of  Egypt with participation of  all classes of people ,  which included  Prof. Dr. Abd Al- Hamid, the president of  Tanta University , Gen.  Mohammed Mofttah , Deputy of Luxor Governor , Dr. Ibrahim, Advisor of  the Minister of Higher Education , Dr. Masood , Deputy of  Leadership Development Institute in Helwan and  Prof. Dr. Oraby , Dean of  Faculty of Fine Arts . Moreover, Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al Sadek, General Coordinator of Student Activities stressed on the success of the main objective by reaching  the mission of the festival for  the whole world through the festival.