A Medical team in Neurosurgery Department of the University Hospital succeeds in Catheter Cerebral Surgery

           Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour ,the university president  expressed his happiness with success of  medical team in the Neurosurgery Department at the University Hospital in conducting  surgeries by  using the interventional catheter with assist  Prof.  Dr. Mohammad Alaa, professor of neurosurgery at Ain Shams University, which is a medical achievement in neurosurgery department at the hospital and a unique medical service to the people of the region  ,as he thanked  Prof. Dr Mohamed Alaa ,  Prof. Dr. Ali Rabea  and all doctors as well as the employees at the hospital, where Prof. Dr. Ali Rabea  , head of neurosurgery department  at the  university hospital declared  that  under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president, and Prof. Dr. Hamdy Hussein, Dean of Faculty of Medicine ,beside the  presence of the university president it was held a workshop entitled ”  The use of interventional catheters in the treatment of textural defects and vascular aneurysms of the cerebral blood vessels of the brain arteries”  where  Prof. Dr. Mohammad Alaa, professor of neurosurgery at  Ain Shams University talked about the latest medical interventions in such cases in the presence of doctors after that was conducted the surgery successfully , in addition to  he thanked the university president for his continued support and encouragement to host experts in this field , beside he thanked all those who participated in the workshop or surgeries.