Holding the draw for the Apical Meeting of Faculties of Physical Education

Prof.Dr Ahmed Kamal , the l Dean of Faculty of Physical Education stressed  on  conducting the draw for the apical meeting of Faculties of Physical Education in the presence of Prof. Dr Hefny Ismail , Vice President for Student Affairs , Dr. Ashraf Musa , Dr. Abd Al-Nasser Jaber and Dr. Mustafa Al-Nuby ,  vices of deans  of faculty of  Physical Education at the University and Mr. Metawa  Fekry,  General Director of Youth care  , academic staff  , their assistants, and  delegations of faculties at the level of  Republic , where the faculty dean  added   that the draw was conducted  for (16) team of  handball and  volleyball (female), ( 18) team of football and  basketball and ( 17) team of tennis table, noting that the championship will be held in the period of  January  26-30, 2014