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The faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor organizes its third annual conference under the auspices of South Valley University. The conference welcomes international researchers, scholars, experts, practitioners to submit their papers in the fields of visual art and the cultural and monumental heritage conjointly with the fields of Philosophy, Law, Arts, Education, Teaching Methods, Media, Mass Communication, Marketing, Business Management, Tourism, Computer Science, Ecological Design, Conservation of Fine Art, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Social Studies and Community



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Main Themes

Visual Arts in the Context of Cultural, Political and Technological shifts.

.Self-Identity in the Context of Heritage, Contemporary Culture

Art, Heritage and the Development of Tourism Sector.

Developmental Dimensions in Heritage and Contemporary Architecture.

.Interior Design in the context of Cultural heritage and Innovative Techniques

Curriculum Development and Learning Styles in the Fields of Art and Design.


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About the Faculty



Preparing creative artists to play a leading role in the society renaissance and contribute in its development continually.


Strengthening values of originality and inventiveness in the arts, architecture, scientific research and community service, in order to prepare the necessary individuals to meet societal needs with its cultural dimensions, aesthetic and creative .



Presidential decree was issued for establishing the faculty of fine arts at Luxor in 22/5/1996, where the study began on 96/1997. luxor was chosen as a site for the faculty, because it is enjoying with ancient cultural heritage that represents a school ... ... More