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26. 2. 2013

Conducting the first Open-Heart Surgery by using the modern technique in the world at SVU


It was conducted the first open-heart surgery in the world by using the modern technique in the world after conducted it in Switzerland, where Prof. Dr. Patrick Ruchat, Swiss expert of heart surgery and chest , Prof. Dr. Karem Moslam, head of department of heart surgery at the university hospital and assistants conducted a surgery for young man at the age of 35 years who suffered from sever mitral stenosis and sever tricuspid regurgitation due to his infection with rheumatic fever , therefore the Swiss expert replaced mitral valve with artificial valve through the modern technique that was conducted only in Switzerland and currently conducting at the university , through tricuspid regurgitation repair by using part of pericardium that decrease the cost of surgery ,as well as improving the heart functions , where it is used natural tissue from human body , Moreover reducing left atrium to natural size due to left atrium hypertrophy.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Ruchat, Swiss expert confirmed on his happiness of this visit where he conducted the modern technique for second time at the university hospital after Switzerland , on the other hand , Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president expressed his happiness for conducting these accurate surgeries at the university hospital , pointing that the hospital succeeded in hosting medical experts such as Prof. Dr. Neumann , expert of orthopedic and Prof. DR. Oertel , expert of neurosurgery and vertebral column

While Prof. Dr. Karam Muslim ,the department head of heart Surgery at the University Hospital confirmed that the patient's condition is stable where the patient's condition was difficult, as well as Dr. Muhammad Abd Al-Bari, Dr. Ahmed Sayed and Dr. Yousef Sheba at anesthesia department expressed their happiness of the expert visiting and successful of surgery


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