Challenged Digital Innovation



In the context of role of the Center of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship to spread and deepen the culture of innovation in the field of information technology, which has become the basic foundation to support the development and progress, , the center announces the launch of " Innovation Challenge' which launched by the General Electric company in cooperation with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the Centre for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the areas of energy, health care and transportation. The main objectives of the competition are as follows:
 Spread and deepen the concept of Open Innovation.
 Introducing the latest technologies in the industrial area of the Internet to the Egyptian youth.
 The use of digital solutions to meet the challenges of energy sectors, health care and transportation
 Encourage promising Egyptian minds to innovate in these fields
Target groups:
The competition aims mainly students, researchers and owners of small and medium enterprises as well as entrepreneurs who have a passion to invent to provide digital solutions to meet the challenges of the three listed categories "energy, health and transport," coping up with the vision of the present government to pay for sustainable development in Egypt.
 100 thousand pounds for each winner of the three winners of the competition categories
 the opportunity to receive training using GE's Open Platform for Industrial Internet "Priedks" (Predix), which is the system operational platform for building applications that connect industrial assets, and from which the data collection and analysis, to draw ideas and solutions in real time in order to improve the industrial infrastructure and its processes.
 An opportunity to join the program of incentives Free business over three months in the governorates (Cairo - Mansoura – Minia- Assiut - Alexandria) in February 2017 to turn the idea into a start-up company.
 Via the following URL Note that the deadline for submission is November 30, 2016