The University Hospital organizes training course "Basic care for Nurses"




under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president and Prof. Dr. Karam Muslim, General Manager of University Hospitals, it organizes training course "Basic care for nurses" in the period from June 11 – 14,2016 where Prof. Dr. Karam Muslam stressed that the course is part of a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of the nursing career and raising the level of work in general at the university hospitals
As Dr. Hassan Ibrahim, Manager of the hospital added that the program aims to raise the level of performance of nurses and provide them with modern expertise in this field , and while the program includes the introduction to the role of the nurse in the basic care units in hospitals , duties of a nurse and ethics , also it deals with infectious diseases , the hospital's plan in the infection control etc ..
While Dr. Mahmoud Mustafa , official of the training session added that the course will be lectured by group of academic staff at Faculty of Medicine in the presence of nurses who obtained Diploma of Nursing and Technician Institute of Nursing.