Signing the Contracts of Research Projects



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, has witnessed signing the contracts of research projects in 2017 asserting the importance of scientific research as on of the main axes of teamwork. He also referred to the provision of funding sources for researchers through local and international research institutions. He also asserted the necessity of paying attention to marketing researches through the appropriate wording of research and to benefit from the various partnerships. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, asserted that the university has aimed to encourage owners of ideas and research projects through its support referring to funding 13 researches this year from Faculties of Science, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Archeology and Arts. At the End, Mrs. Troub Tolba, General Manager of Postgraduate Studies, asserted that selection of the winning research projects was through a scientific committees from outside the university.