SVU President received 25 Dutch experts





Within the framework of the visits of Dutch medical delegations to SVU hospitals, during October and November 2016 the University president, received the 3rd delegation, which includes 25 experts in the field of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine that visiting Qena university hospitals in the period from 4 to 12/11/2016. The university president assured the need to exchange experiences and praised the significant role of the Dutch medical delegations to raise the level of medical services provided by Qena university hospitals
The medical delegations that visited the university hospitals performed four operations in obstetrics surgery, 13 surgeries in the field of general surgery, 12 surgeries in heart and chest surgery and 25 cardiac catheterization surgeries. Those are mostly from major surgical operations that require special skill. workshops in the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for students of the faculties of medicine, nursing and technical Institute of Nursing and the School of Nursing has been held at the end of the visit.