Opening the German department at the Faculty of Languages (Al Alsun) in Luxor





Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, the Minister of Local Development and the German ambassador in Cairo Julius Georg Lowe and Dr. Mohamed Badr the governor of Luxor and Dr. Abbas Mansour, The president of South Valley University have attended the opening of the German language department at the Faculty of Languages ​​ at University branch in Luxor.
Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, expressed his happiness for opening the German language department at the Faculty of Languages, which is a great addition to the faculty, and praised the cooperation between Egypt and Germany at all, especially in the higher education fields where Germany has a vital role with the Egyptian universities and there are many outputs confirmed that.
The governor of Luxor confirmed the importance of the opening of this department, which contributes to upgrading the preparation of graduate who is able to work in the field of tourism.
The German Ambassador expressed his happiness of opening this department, which meet the demand of Egyptians to teach and learn German in Egypt which referred to German language's abilities. He pointed out that this department is the thirteenth, which attached faculties and institutes which is studying the German language.
Dr. Abbas Mansour, president of the university praised and the role of the Ministry of Local Development , the Ministry of Higher Education , the Supreme Council of Universities , the German university and the governorate of Luxor in opening the Faculty of Languages.
Dr. Ashraf Mansour, the president of the German University called for the opening department of tourist facilities management in German because of the extensive experience of the Germans in this field.
Dr. Asim Izz al-Din, the Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​ added that the study started this year, and the faculty has 82 students divided into three departments at the languages ​​English, French and German.
The Opening was attended by Dr. Ashraf Hatem the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Universities, Dr. Khalid Hamza, the President of Fayoum University and Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, the Minister of Higher Education, former Roman Luc Scheider President of the German, Academic Exchange and the faculty deans and teaching staff members at the University Branch at Luxor.