Final meeting of field training experience





 Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, South Valley University president Faculty of Education held a final meeting to evaluate the experience of the field training implementation for the postgraduate diplomas’ students for the first time at the education schools in Qena and Luxor,

In the presence of Prof. Dr. Hefni Ismail, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Mr. Ezzat Bayoumi, the Education Ministry Undersecretary in Qena, Mr. Taha Bakhit, the Education Ministry Undersecretary in Luxor, educational departments managers in Qena, Abu Tesht, Farshout, Nag Hammadi, Desha, Al Waqf, Qeft, Nakada, qus, Luxor, Armant, Esna and (90) schools managers in Qena and Luxor from the north Abu Tesht to the south Esna.