2 Health Awareness convoys in the villages of (Hager Khouzam - qus - Deshna) in Qena





  The community service and environmental development sector organized 2 health awareness convoys among the summer convoys tovillages of (Hager Khouzam - qus and Deshna) in Qena, under the auspices of the South Valley University President Prof. Dr. / Abbas Mohamed Mansour and the supervision of the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. / Sayed Ahmed Mohamed Taha.

The convoy included faculty members from the faculties of Nursing and Physiotherapy.
It dealt with the following topics: -
1. Backbone problems and how to cure
2. Reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth problems, problems of childhood diseases, adolescent health and school health.
Stimulating the child health includes:-
- Proper nutrition (Breastfeeding and its importance for child, mother and community - Weaning, its way and basic principles).
- Immunizations (types, timing and the role of mother to deal with any reaction to immunizations).
- Child's Protection from injuries, like (burns - fall - poisons)
- Child's personal cleanliness
- Child's Teeth Care
At the end of the symposium a panel discussion was held to answer about attendance’s questions and inquiries.