Symposium on scholarships of Newton-Mosharafa Fund


   South Valley University in collaboration with the British Council organized symposium on " Definition of Scholarships of Newton-Mosharafa Fund" under the auspices of Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president, where Ms. Shahira Amara , director of Newton's program explained available scholarships in scientific research and innovation, which aims to achieve social development and economic in the fields of renewable energy , the production of food, water , cultural heritage and health care.
She also added that theses scholarships include joint supervision programs and postdoctoral scholarships and joint research projects studies, besides holding workshops and training courses in order to develop communication skills for researchers and academic staff inside and outside Egypt.
It is worth mentioning that Newton-Mosharafa program in Egypt is one of global scientific research programs, which is sponsored by the British government at the level of (15) countries in the world , where it was begun in Egypt since August 2014, through providing (85) doctoral scholarships in England , (31) postdoctoral scholarships and care of (20) partnerships between institutions , as well as (25) workshops and training of ( 520) researchers.
The Symposium was attended by a large number of academic staff and researchers at the university faculties.