Conclusion of the conference of Innovation Culture and Knowledge in Morocco





     The conference of innovation culture and creativity concluded  for  the Mediterranean countries with  participation of (12) Arab university which held at the University of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah in Morocco for three days , where  Egypt participated with the universities of South Valley, Fayoum  and Helwan, while  Dr. Arif Solomon, the Project Manager at South Valley University offered  the mechanisms of the project and its success in the student service  , he also offered  the procedures for valuation of scientific research at the Egyptian universities, and its effective in supporting  the innovation and the  industrial development  in order to cooperation between the participating universities.    Where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president expressed his happiness with the participation of the universities in the conference , which was held under the auspices of a project of supporting the innovation and knowledge, , adding that the conference discussed a lot of topics included the national and regional strategies in supporting the innovation in these countries and fiscal policies for supporting the innovation and marketing as well as transferring the scientific research and its effectiveness, moreover he added that the conference was held in appropriate time, because these countries need to meeting and cooperation as well as working together to take advantage of various experiences . The conference concluded by assessment all successful works and achievements beside the recommendations that will help in the next phase of the project.