For activating Tourism in Egypt:
Faculty of Tourism and Hotels participates in training courses for Beginners of Tour Guides




     Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that the university contributes in activating of tourism in Egypt by training courses, festivals and conferences in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Promotion Authority in Luxor, adding that the University also contributed in the training courses in the presence of European communities for preparing to the International Conference at Faculty of Fine, while Dr. Saleh Abdul Moaty ,Dean of Faculty of Tourism added that this course for beginners of tour guides for qualifying to awareness of tourism and developing their skills in the framework of tourist bylaws and laws , in addition to there are another course for workers at tourism companies , where the faculty contributed in course by giving academic lectures with participation of Dr. Michael Majdy , lecturer of protocol , Dr. Noha Abul Al-Ghet , lecturer of (The entrance to the tourism industry ) and Dr. Mohamed Shoaib, lecturer of ( Development of communication skills with others ) while that aims to activate the tourism and promote to it for the various countries of the world