SVU council deciedes :

Various enviromental activities for academic year 2013/2014




 South Valley University Council the in its recent meeting headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president approved the plan of activities for community service  sector and in the academic year 2013/2014 , which aims to achieve more effective contribution in the service of the community issues surrounding the university, while the University president confirmed that the University is keen to to provide all the environmental services and medical for the villages and centers in Qena , Luxor and the Red Sea in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment by organizing medical convoys and veterinary to raise agricultural awareness and spreading the culture of computer as well as convoys  for encouraging talents and stressing on the university’s  mission in achieving the communication between the university and the community While Prof. Dr Sayed Taha , Vice President for Community Service pointed out that this year will  organize a series of afforestation camps and environmental awareness convoys at the university and also several symposioums at the faculties of the University during October and December 2013,  as will as  will be an exhibition of South Valley University Book and festive on the girl and convoys International volunteer Day and a workshop for NGOs .. The Vice-Chancellor that week Sixth Environment of the University of South Valley will be held in March 2014 and through which the implementation of many activities such as blood donation campaign and exhibition marketing of products within the university as well as holding seminars environmental and medical convoys and veterinary provinces of Upper and held during the month of March is also the Second Arab Conference entitled Fine Arts , community service and held during the month of April 2014 the fourth annual ceremonial " We are all with you " through which the visit is organized for patients in hospitals and homes for the elderly and honor the orphans and the establishment of the environmental studies and organize a variety of convoys .. As part of community service sector in the month of June 2014 in celebration of World Environment Day .. The Vice President of the University that the month of August 2014 will organize the Second International Conference for Environmental Studies in Hurghada Red Sea in addition to summer caravan in the provinces of Upper Egypt , which is implemented for the seventh year in a row.