SVU Council decides:
-The activities of academic year 2013/2014 for community services
-A reward for academic staff and employees on the occasion of Greater Bairam  




  South Valley University Council in its meeting headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president decided to nominate Prof. Dr. Abdul Muttalib Ameen  Alqridy ,  Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Education at Helwan University for  Kuwait Prize for 2013 of economic and social sciences and also approved exchange a reward 20-day of the basic salary for academic staff , their assistants and employees  on the occasion of Greater Bariam and reward  for October exams 2013 ,  where the council also approved the proposed activities for the community service sector and development environment for the academic year 2013/2014 . While the council approved to grant Professorial degree for Dr. Tharwat Mohamed Al-Ameen, Faculty of Agriculture, and Dr. Mustafa Al-Nuby Muhammad ,Faculty of Physical Education. As well as granting Assistant Professor degree for Dr. Adel Aldnqlaoy Sayed  , Dr. Yasmin Mohammed Shibany and Dr. Noha Ahmed Tayeh, Faculty of Science.On the other hand, the council approved the appointment Dr. Mohammad Ali Shabib ,Faculty of Commerce, Dr. Hala Salah Al-Din , Faculty of Medicine , Dr. Magda Mahmoud Mohamed Faculty of Nursing as lecturer , beside  granting doctoral degree to student / Karem Mohammed Mubarak , Faculty of Science , student / Abdullah Mohammed Taha , Faculty of Medicine ,and Master's degree for each of student/ Mohammed Hassan Abdel Shafi , Faculty of Education , Mahmoud Ali Ahmed , Ahmed Shahat Ahmed , Faculty of Science ,in addition to  Alaa Saber Jaber ,Faculty of Arts , Ahmed Bakhit Mohammed Faculty of Commerce ,and Ahmed Fathy Ahmed , Ahmed Ali Mohammed , Osama Hassan Al-Banna , Ahmed Ali Zine Al-Abidine, Mohamed Sabry Al-Rawi , Wael Farouk Sayed, Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Abdullah , Dalia Anwar Imam , Abdel Hamid Mahmoud Sayed, Ahmed Dabsh Abdel Latif ,Mohamed Ibrahim Hassan , Ahmed Muwafy Ibrahim , Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Aziz ,Nesma Abdul Salam and Fatima Al-Zahraa Mustafa , Faculty of Medicine .Moreover, the council granted Diploma degree in Arts (Egyptian archeology) for (4) student in July 2013 at Faculty of Arts, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (engineering of new and renewable energy), second class to (6) student, Faculty of Engineering, Diploma degree in medicine for (5) student in June 2013, Faculty of Medicine and Diploma degree in Physical Education for a student (school sports) Faculty of Physical Education.