The university president:
Career Development Center is one of the best centers in training presentations in Egypt





   Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President expressed his happiness to successful of Career Development Center at the university after was became one of the best centers in Egypt in training presentations by praising of the Global training experts in America as the best training presentations were provided to the student at the level of career development centers in Egypt , beside helping in the appointment of four graduates from center which provides services for the region’s people and the university graduates.
While Dr. Mohammed Omran , Manager of Career Development Center at the university added that the center could in a short period to provide variety services for people of the region, as well as providing (80) professional advice which helping the student to know his professional trends , skills and personal behaviors , moreover in this period the center trains the students in cooperation with the telecommunications company on behavioral skills for (3) day , beside in the near future Career Development Center will be center for advices after assessment of Microsoft company, on other hand the center trained students on English language for the labor market into two groups,


In addition to Mrs. Yasmine Al-Bendari, Director of Global Education Office in Cairo added that Career Development Center at South Valley University works successful in a short period and the university students and graduates have desire to benefit and learn , so we trained a group of trainers in the center by experts in the training for the international education on set of programs such as writing the curriculum vitae and interviews , therefore the global training experts praised the high quality of training, she also thanked Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President on his great interest in overcoming any obstacle that faces the center and, beside his instruction for good preparation of this center which provided many services for citizens, all that came during the meeting of the Board of Directors of Career Development Center in the presence of the university president ,Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail, vice president Student Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Omran, Manager of the center , Yasmine Al-Bendari, Manager of Global Education Office in Cairo and members of the Board of Directors.