Training on (MIS) program for employees at SVU




  Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President the training center is training the employees in administration of  employee affairs at the university’s faculties on (MIS) program , where Dr. Shaaban Ramadan , Manager of training project pointed that this training program is nominating (3) employee and divided in (3) courses as one only attending the first course (15-19/9/2013) and the second in the second course (22-26/9/2013) and the third in the third course (09/29 to 3/102013) , and that in the framework of the integrated plan in cooperation with (MIS) project manager and executive manager of Information (CIO) for training the employees at administrations of employee affairs ,beside training employees at administrations of student affairs and postgraduate on the same program later .