Training courses on dealing with students at South Valley University




   the General Administration of organization and management organized  many training courses in all disciplines for all departments of the university where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that the training is necessary  in administrative work to  the to  help in increasing  of the culture for employees  to keep pace with  developments that serving the scientific research and achieving advanced ranks, especially as South Valley University always seeks to be one of the leading universities in all fields. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary ,  Vice President for postgraduate praised many training programs that implemented  by the University during this year, especially postgraduate program and cultural relations though  training the employees , noting that continuous training will qualify the employee to acquire new experiences  will raise a worker's ability to do more effort in order to achieve high quality in administrative work. On the other hand, Ahmed Hifny Obaid, Secretary-General declared that was implemented several training programs including a stores management program, inventory and libraries program, indexing systems and program procedures of employee affairs, program of crises and disasters , postgraduate program , cultural relations and scientific, insurance and pension program ,procurement and  government accounts, program , while Abd Al- Rahim Abd Al-Wahab, General Director of Organization and Management  added that the training programs organized by the administration that methods of modern libraries  program for employees in libraries at central administration and the faculties ,program of how to  deal with students for administrators and supervisors of dormitories and employees at Youth Care and Student Affairs at the university and the administration prepares for beginning   the new training year  in 2014 at University.