The university president opens Secondary School Nursing




   Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour inspected Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Dentistry as well as the university dormitories and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, then opening Secondary School Nursing for assistants of the health services which is at old building of faculty of Nursing in presence of group of leaders of Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospitals who accompanied by Dr. Ahmad Abu Al User Mohammed ,the faculty dean and chairman of Board of Directors , Dr. Ahmed Hashim Abdellah, Vice Dean for Student Affairs and head of obstetrics and gynecology department , Dr. Jamal Abdul Hameed Al-Soghier , general manager of the university hospitals at South Valley University , Dr. Ahmad Al- Al-Abed Ahmed, Director of the University Hospital , Dr. Mohamed Zaki Abdel Razek Alsenbssa, head of Internal Medicine Department , Dr. Zaki Farooq Aref , head of Ear, Nose and throat , Dr. Mohammed Wael - Lecturer, Department of Audiology at the hospital , Dr. Essam Abu Al-Magd, Lecturer of nose and ear at the faculty and Dr. Omar Mohamed El Soghayar ,Assistant Lecturer, Department of Urology at the faculty, the university president also inspected Technical Institute of Nursing and met with Dr. Sahar Fahmy, Director of Institute where he confirmed that nursing school is a great addition to the system of medical faculties at the university and waiting the approval of faculties of physical therapy and pharmacy to provide an integrated medical service to the people of the region.