Rescuing a young man from Nakada after breaching a metal skewer (4 ml) in the neck area even esophagus at the university hospital

















    The medical team of high- efficiently at the university hospital succeeded in rescuing Mahmoud Abd Al-Rady student from village of Kom Bilal, Nakada ,where he fell on a metal skewer (4 ml),and breached his body from the neck to esophagus ,while the medical team consisted of Dr. Karam Muslim, Head of Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital, Dr. Yousef Shaybah Al-Hamed, Dr. Ahmed Farghal, Dr. Ahmed Kamal and Dr. Ahmed Mukhtar "anesthesia”, while Dr. Karam confirmed that this type of surgeries is one of the most difficult types of surgeries , where metal skewer breached his neck to the chest through the nerves, and esophagus where all areas are very sensitive, on the other hand, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president expressed his happiness with successful surgery and rescuing the young man from death, where he thanked all the medical team who performed surgery, stressing that Cardiothoracic Surgery Department has many medical achievements included the first open-heart surgery with high technology and the first Atrial Fibrillation surgery for the first time under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Patrick Ruchet, so Dr. Karam Muslim decided to conduct the surgery in timely.