Two programs of open education for Agriculture and Archeology, beside set -up e-mail to receive and respond to inquiries



















  Dr. Mahmoud Salman, Director of Education Open at the University that the university is studying opening a new branch in Safaga after some people from Safaga applied to open education, in addition to the branches of Hurghada and Ras Gharib and Al-Qusiar ,he added that the exams of this year passed without any problem, due to students' awareness , adding based on instructions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president its need to communicate with who wants to enrollment in the open education and responding to their questions, as well as setting up e-mail to receive any complaint or inquiry of students and responding immediately, and for graduation certificate he explained that the certificates are sent from Ain Shams University to south valley and then to the students immediately ,While for the performance development, he confirmed that everyone works in one system to serve the student according to the instruction of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president , beside taking into account the circumstances of the student, so it was adopted the compassion degrees for the students of Faculty of Law as (6) degree and has already been applied in program of Faculty of Law at South Valley university , where there are two programs for faculties of archeology and agriculture which are a great addition and independence for the University,, on the other hand, he stressed that there is a great understanding between students and academic staff for organizing the dates of lectures, adding that was equipped lecture halls to start lectures