The University Dormitory prepared to accommodate the students and maintenance


      Mr. Yasser Al-Waiy , Director of the university dormitory confirmed that the dormitory prepared to accommodate students of all classes after the maintenance period at the highest level for all buildingsو where were installed  fans for all the rooms and  buying (300) new bed and (5500) mattress and (2000) Sheet  , as well as beautification   and cleanliness of parks and buying and repairing a lot of water coolers ,beside preparation  of restaurants after maintenance and  provided with number of fire extinguishers at the buildings He also confirmed that has been  bought motors and pressure cables to strengthen the tanks ,as well as approving establishment of tank of 1500 liter  of water in the upper area for problem of water , also we provided number of external electricity stalls, He added that the university president attention to  cleanness  and maintenance and a preparation  to accommodate students