Preparation for the tourist season in Aswan:
Campaign volunteer for fine arts students in Luxor for drawing national murals for beautification Aswan streets















Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President thanked team of students from Faculty of Fine Arts to their volunteer and freedom to express their art for Aswan citizens by drawing great national murals for revitalization of the tourist season in Aswan, and he confirmed that students have of themselves this effort wonderful work with their colleagues from Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek , and used all the art tools to draw these murals in the most vital areas in Aswan, adding that this effort reflects special participation and important by those students who are excelling in many fields of science, arts and sports.
On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Orabi, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor expressed his happiness with this work of students and apply all the science that has benefited from the faculty and exploit their talents and abilities, where they are trying to express the situation of Egypt through drawing to reach a message to all the countries in the world by Highlight sightseeing of the town and this is what distinguishes the mural art, moreover , he thanked all the Aswan governorate officials to help students in it.