"Scopus” the British site publishes research on “Solar Cells” to a scholar at SVU


      “Scopus” the British site  that specializing in the publishing assessment of researchers shows the number of published researches and number of citation,  while  the latest scientific research has been published by Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al-Sadek, Physics Department, Faculty of Science at the university in the field of solar cells and its applications, where Dr. Mahmoud Sayed said that  this research is the last research was published from  (23) research that including (19) research in nanotechnology , (2) research in solar cells and (2) research  in organic semiconductors ,where the number of citation (90) time in (73) published research in international journals ,  adding  that the latest research was published entitled “Optical properties of nano-structured Pt / FTO counter electrode for QDSSCs” with scientists from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, stressing that these researches raise name of the university among the world's universities, beside he  thanked Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President for his great interest of researchers and communicating with students outside Egypt.