Training agreements with the industrial sector for students of Faculty of Engineering and Qena Cement Company


  Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour the university president confirmed that the university is always seeking to community participation for the benefit of citizens in various sectors, and despite the circumstances of the country, but the university practiced its service activity , as well as welcoming Sudanese delegation for training on accounting and engineering, in addition to (100) foreign student from Arab countries finished their exams at the university which is a Scientific leap at the university , beside the graduation ceremony of the first batch at Faculty of Engineering after the cooperation between the university and Qena Cement Company, Which resulted in a lot of successes through holding symposiums ,  field visits, training courses and cooperation in the community service sector, and appointing number of graduates at the  company according to required disciplines    On the other hand,  the university president  thanked  all employees at the faculty  and confirmed that there are a number of agreements and cooperation between large companies for training  the graduates  of Faculty of Engineering, where  there is a joint cooperation between the university and at the company in Aswan,  in addition to agreements with the industrial sector ,include  number of agreements with industrial companies ,as well as cooperation agreement between the university and Al-Nasr  mining Company for training the students at Faculty of Engineering with providing accommodation for( 34) student, moreover electricity  generation company in  Aswan training center of high Dam  will train (80) student from students at the faculty    While Prof. Dr. Jamal Taj Abd Al-Jaber , Dean of Faculty of Engineering, expressed his happiness with graduation  of the first batch of Faculty of Engineering with honors (116) student , who have a lot of skills and engineering expertise after many training courses in the giant companies ,and noted that the faculty will provide students with expertise and consulting , which qualifies them for the future.