Student delegation of Sudan visits Communication and Information Center




Students of Sudanese delegation visited the information and communications Centre to identify on the infrastructure of the university information network and the development of the network , where the information network is the backbone of information technology university through the services that provided by the network such as Internet service for students ,

academic staff and employees, computer maintenance in the university and various faculty includes student labs , offices of academic staff and administrations of faculties by providing operating systems and antivirus programs , as well as of ICDL labs and coordination labs of high school students , service of electronic coordination for the university dormitories, e-mail to for students , academic staff , administrators and students , as well as meetings which broadcast via video conference and live broadcast of important events within the university ... Etc.
It is noted that the student delegation visits the University for training in the field of accounting and engineering, so based on the directions of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President during his meeting with the delegation and his visits to the Information Center.