South Valley University holds the graduation ceremony of the first batch of student at Faculty of Engineering


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president , South Valley University hold the graduation ceremony for the first class of Faculty of Engineering in Qena , where Prof. Dr Abbas Mansour pointed in his speech that the most important main objectives of the university are completing the establishment of the basic and important faculties, in order to serve students and alleviate the suffering of parents ,even if the available possibilities at the faculty are weak but will complete gradually, in spite of its modernity, the university got Advanced rank in one of the most important websites , beside competing with local universities and other international university as well as it still among the top 100 universities Africa ,He also pointed that faculty of Engineering should keep link to all the factories and companies in upper Egypt , beside appointing the top students as demonstrators at the faculty, While Prof. Dr. Hefni Ismail, Vice President Student Affairs that the establishment of Faculty of Engineering at the university had been delayed so much, He thanked Qena Cement Company for its contribution in supporting many student activities at the university.


On the other hand, Prof. Dr Jamal Taj Abdel Jaber, Dean of Faculty of Engineering thanked the university President and his vices for their main role and supporting to the Faculty , pointing out to provide new means of education for the students to complete the theoretical aspects and practical study to meet needs of the labor market, moreover , student/ Abdel Nasser sherkaoui, the top student on the class greeted his parents for their efforts and said that science is life, and scholars are the heirs of the prophets ,so the ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary , Vice President for Postgraduate Studies , Prof. Dr. Sayed Taha, Vice President for Community services , the deans , academic staff and their assistants and parents of students, at the end of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president gave (116) student the graduation certificates , beside the Engineer Alaa Abdul Hamid, director of Qena Cement Company delivered the financial awards for the top students on class .