The university president honors the website team


Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President honored the website team at the university portal for continued progress in the ranking at the level of the Egyptian universities and international, where he thanked the team for updating and developing the site and services that provided to people at the university, while he listened to the views of team and their needs that will qualify them to raise the efficiency of work to get to the level of service for all users , confirming that he is very keen on the site offers the highest level of service to serve academic staff and employees at the university , beside the attention to students and following up their activities and  views,  as well as publishing their inventions in various activities and publishing thesis and scientific researches .   On the other hand, Dr. Wael Samaha expressed his happiness with this meeting which gave them moral support and will raise the work efficiency and providing e- service for everyone, where the teamwork thanked the university president on this meeting and provided moral support to them, moreover it is noted that the website got 100% at the level of Egyptian universities assessment, also in the global ranking, African and Arab.