Surgical team succeeds in conducting (5) surgery at once for a woman in the University Hospital


Surgical team at the University Hospital headed by Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hussein, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Shafi, Assistant Lecturer, Surgery Department, Dr. Hazem Hashem, Assistant Lecturer, Gynecology Department, Dr. Ahmed Ali and Dr. Sara Mohamed succeeded in conducting (5) surgery for old woman (55 years) during (5) hour, who was suffering from Bowel obstruction due to hernia with a tumor on the uterus and Gallstones , where the doctors treated Bowel obstruction then cholecystectomy  and fibroidectomy weighs (2) kilogram as well as appendectomy and hernia repair.   While Prof. Dr Hamdi Hussein ,Dean of Faculty of Medicine  confirmed that the case of patient is stable, as well as  praising  the Associate team for their medical efficiency  and high surgical , adding  that the hospital serves  all citizens of region, beside  providing them with the medical service at the highest level.