Beginning the work at Faculty of Dentistry and Secondary School of Nursing, as well as waiting the approval of faculties of Physical Therapy and Pharmacy


Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that Faculty of Dentistry began working as the first faculty  in Upper Egypt serves the citizens , adding  that the university’s goal is ease the burden on the region people from  the travel and the financial burden , where  the university seeks always to serve the local community in various fields, he also added that the faculty  applied the bylaw of Faculty of Dentistry at Cairo University, as well as there is an exchange of expertise between two universities, where there is  a delegation of academic staff  travels to Cairo to exchange experiences   Moreover, He stressed that the university is waiting for approval of faculties of physical therapy and pharmacy to complete all faculties of medicine at the university, in order to serve the region citizen, while the study will begin in secondary school of nursing for the first time for Plugging deficit in nursing, after finishing of tests on applicants and selecting number of them.   On the other hand,  Dr. Hamdy Hussein, Dean of Faculty of Medicine  confirmed that the university president  did  a lot of his effort for opening Faculty of Dentistry , where it is a large medical addition for citizens and he seeks to open faculties of  faculties of physical therapy and pharmacy and wait for approval, the dean confirmed  that the problem of seconded doctors has been resolved, after (38) resident doctor has been appointed and distributed on  all sections after approval of the university president, also stressed on preparing the new building of faculty of Medicine on campus, which was prepared with the highest medical level .