SVU website wins the first position in global universities rank in July 2013


           The  university website continues  its progress during the last six months, where it was excelled  on (357)  University at the global and on the Arab level its improved ranking from 79 to 72, while  at the African Universities level improved ranking from 81 to 71.      Where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President thanked the team work of the university website after has got the first rank before at the level of the Egyptian universities 100% and it deserves to be proud of it, he also thanked Dr. Tariq Sheshtawy, adviser of portals and Dr. Wael Samaha, Website Manger and he added that this result is evaluated by web matrix ranking which is the global indicators of universities in July 2013, an index that measures the quality of education services and research for more than (20000) University on the world, The indicators showed the advancing of public Egyptian universities in this global assessment, while Dr. Wael Samaha, portal manager at the university confirmed on the efforts of the university president persistent and his experience in providing the best  and the first staff member who  created the Website University, on the other hand he thanked Dr. Tariq Sheshtawy, adviser of portals on his instructions and efforts , where  the project development unit  at the Ministry of Higher Education supports the portals projects of Egyptian universities  from three years ago , in order to develop electronic services and improve the Egyptian universities ranking.