SVU council decides:

Governing rules of projects and research themes at the university


           South Valley University Council in its meeting that held at the University, headed by Prof.  Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President approved the proposal of postgraduate Council for  the governing rules of projects and research themes of self-funded from the University which are priority in the next phase .   Prof. Dr Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President of postgraduate declared that the research themes  include different types of energy such as solar energy, wind and water energy, bio-fuels and energy storage, as well as water issues such as purification and recycling of used water, applications of treatment sewage and applications of modern irrigation, desalination and quality assessment of groundwater, in addition to nanotechnology, which include characterization of Nano-materials and nanotechnology applications in various fields , beside  control of infectious diseases Where the vice president added that the research themes include also environmental tourism in Upper Egypt and activating it in crisis, as well as paying attention the social care and psychological to street children and those with special needs. Moreover, the issue of agriculture, the food industry , land reclamation and Mineral Resources in upper  Egypt and  its industries , beside  medicine , community service and environment and geographic information systems.