SVU Council decides:

- Scientific cooperation agreement and cultural between South Valley University and Faculty of Elrazi, Sudan
- Reward for academic staff, their assistants and employees on the occasion of Ramadan




South Valley University Council in its meeting held at the University, headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President approved agreement on scientific and cultural cooperation between Faculty of Elrazi for Medical Sciences and technological in Sudan and South Valley University, which represents a joint cooperation in various fields of science and scientific research, the council also approved exchanging reward for academic staff, their assistants and employees at the university and in the university hospital , military education, seconded from other universities and contractors on the occasion of Ramadan

As well as the council approved appointing both of Dr. Obaid Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim as Assistant Professor at Faculty of Agriculture , , Dr. Jalal Hassan Jalal , Dr. Doria Mohammed Maghraby Faculty of Arts , Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Sabour Ahmed Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Ahmed Faculty of Commerce and Dr. Abdullah Abdul Hay abdul Ali, Faculty of Engineering, and Dr. Ramadan Abdel-Moatemed Sayed , Faculty of Fine Arts, and Dr. Hajaj Mohamed Hajaj , Faculty of Education in Hurghada and Dr. Saqr Abdel Sadek, Faculty of Agriculture as lecturer
On the other hand, approval granting doctoral degree for student / Dina Mohamed Wahid Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a Masters degree for student / Nagah Mokhtar Atris , student /Hala Hamed Hassan Hussein , faculty of Education , student/ Agapy Fahim Hanna , Faculty of Science , student /Hiam Kamal Mohammad Ali and /student Mahmoud Hamed Saber , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as well as student /Ahmed Nasser Ahmed , Faculty of Arts and student /Tariq Nasr Yasin , Faculty of Physical Education , in addition to the Council approved to grant Peter Romany Waheeb ,post graduate Diploma in Medicine (Pediatrics) in October 2012 from faculty of medicine, beside granting students in final year who succeeded in May 2013 BA in Archaeology about (106 ) student