Participation of (473) student in Camp for the first class and third  at Faculty of Physical Education



















Conclusion of  the public service and scout camp for the first class and third by participating (473) student  at Faculty of Physical Education which began in the period of 15-20/6/2013 under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abass Mansour , the university president and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Kamal Nasary , the faculty dean who confirmed that the faculty  is keen to hold  such camps which develop the belonging , love of place , self-reliance  and training on skills for Scouts and Guides , pointing out that (473) student divided into working  groups starting from 8 am  to 6 pm , where he added that the camp of the third year depends on educating  and training of  scout skills, in addition to holding the public service activities  , while the camp of the first class depends on the public service and self-reliance , as well as thanking all all participants in the camp, vices of the dean , departments heads  and supervisors on the camp ,he also thanked Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president  for his attention to the faculty students by providing scientific laboratories to them .