Symposiums on the best use for pesticides and plant diseases in Job Qualifying Center at the university


   In the framework of activating the agreement between the University and Shura Foundation for development continues symposium on the best use of pesticides, plant diseases, control methods and treatment, so Dr. Zenhom Shaikhoun Head of Animal Production, and coordinator of the project, confirmed that the course was started from three months as a lecture every week practical and theoretical for the students of Faculty of Agriculture at the University
He added that job qualification center held several Symposiums for example how to increase the wheat crop in Qena in the presence of farmers of Qena from all cities, and also we set programs that aimed students of technical education in the governorate and several seminars in the presence of experts from the Agricultural Research Center in Cairo and professors of faculties of agriculture of the universities beside participation of Qena citizens ,
While he stressed that the university president gave a large attention to the center by allocating labs for seminars and facilitate all procedures that contributed in activated it , where the center aims to provide jobs for students after graduation and awareness the farmers in Qena as well as reliance on experts in agriculture.