South Valley University participates in Solar Energy Meeting at Complutense University of Madrid


  Within the framework of the project activities of creating Diploma in solar energy (SOLEDA) that funded by TEMPUS project for three years, so holding 2nd coordination meeting for all the Egyptian partners which are Cairo University, Fayoum, South Valley, German-Arab Chamber of commerce and Resala association, as well as Europeans partners from Spain, Britain, Italy, Germany, Greece in the project in the period of 12-16/6/2013 , where represents the university in the meeting prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary Maala , Vice President for postgraduate and Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al-Sadek , the project coordinator at the university , on the sidelines of the meeting , it will be a visit to Cultural Office of Madrid and holding consultative meeting discuses the opportunities of cultural exchange with Spanish universities with professor of Cultural Counselor in Madrid.