South Valley University decides:
- A Convention on scientific and cultural cooperation with Hadidia University Yemen
- Incentive award for volunteer work at the university



South Valley University Council in its meeting held at the University, headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President and in the presence of Gen. Adel Labib, Governor of Qena approved Convention on cultural and scientific cooperation between South Valley University and Hadidia University Yemen , the Council also approved an annual award to encourage all categories of the university for volunteer work at the university in various fields, beside establishing the Public Service Center for Islamic Studies and Research at Faculty of Arts.

While the Council decided to appoint both of Dr. Khalid bin Al-Walid Abdel Fattah, Dr. Fayza Mohamed Ali Mustafa at Faculty of Science and Dr. Ahmed Abdel Atti Hussein, Faculty of Physical Education as Assistant Professor, beside appointing both of Dr. Arafat Ahmed Toghan, Dr. Nahla Fathi Ahmed Omran at Faculty of Science and Dr. Suha Mohammed Abdul Latif, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as lecturer

on the other hand , the Council granted doctoral degree to student/ Sokina Ramadan Abu Zaid Mohamed, Faculty of Science and student/ Doria Mohammed Maghraby Mohammed , the Faculty of Arts, it is also granted a master's degree for each of student/ Eman Mohammed Khalil Asran , Hanaa Abdel Fattah Mohamed , Mohamed Hammam Hadi at Faculty of Education and student/ Mahmoud Sayed Mahmoud Khalafullah, Faculty of Science as well as student/ Ahmed Mohamed Abd Al-Rahman Youssef and Michelle Sabri Matuszlh and Eman Maher Ahmad Ibrahim at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in addition to student / Sayed Mehran Gad and Mohamed Abd Al-Rahim Mustafa and Mahmoud Nasrallah Mohamed Mahmoud at Faculty of Engineering and student/Eman Saeed Ahmed Abdullah at Faculty of Education in Hurghada.

Furthermore the council granted Diploma degree in analytical chemistry for (11) student, Applied Chemistry for (2) student and Applied Microbiology for (4) student from the Faculty of Science.