A tour of Governor of Qena to the new university hospital at South Valley



 Gen. Adel Labib, Governor of Qena and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the president of South Valley University toured the new university hospital and the new building of the Faculty of Medicine at the University.

Gen. Adel Labib confirmed that there is a progress in medical services provided by university hospitals at South Valley University, and these services contribute to alleviate suffering for patients in the province, adding that the province gives a great attention to these hospitals as one of the most important sectors in the governorate, he also emphasized that the university provides technical support to the province in all fields

While Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president stressed that is prepared for more expansions at the university hospitals in the coming period, as has also been allocating the transportation line from the city of Qena to the University Hospital at the University, as well as coordinating with Misr El Kheir Foundation in providing nursing staff at the hospital, emphasizing on the university’s keenness on hosting foreign doctors of different disciplines for providing medical services for citizens of Qena and other provinces

On other hand, Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Matin Moses, Former President of South Valley University praised to establish a large medical edifice which needs to all efforts in order to provide services to citizens

Beside Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hussein, Dean of Faculty of Medicine offered a presentation of the establishment stages of the hospital and its sections and confirmed that was moved internal sections and operating the cardiac catheterization unite, where will be transported surgery sections in the coming period , and the hospital include (250) bed , (10) intensive care room, and the latest devices of lithotripsy, catheter and radiology.

The tour included visits to the new building of Faculty of Medicine, Radiology Department , the Rehabilitation and Rheumatology Department and the catheter Department, in the presences of the vices of the university presidents , the deans of the faculties and group of academic staff of faulty of medicine .