Equipping the road from the Gastroenterology and liver Hospital at South Valley University to the airstrip for receiving the emergency cases



 In the framework of continuing work of the Gastroenterology Hospital and liver, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour decided to allocate the road from the hospital to the airstrip in order to receive emergency cases from other provinces, he also reassured on the inner road for citizens
While Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour confirmed that the transportation crisis that was suffered by patients it was solved by Gen. Adel Labib who runs the road from inside Qena to the University Hospital in Qena to provide comfort to the citizens
On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Ali Rabea, the hospital director said that the Internal Medicine Department is working inside the hospital, as well as cardiac catheterization department has conducted four cases for citizens at Qena, where he declared that will use catheterization in treatment of Neurosurgery diseases, beside opening pharmacy for patients to serve visitors to the hospital, on other hand, Eng. Ali Fekry, Director of the university networks stressed that will change the paths of optical fiber cables to facilitate the allocation of the road for airstrip .