Three students at Faculty of commerce invent project “Soilless Cultivation”



The media deliberated a rare innovation for students in Faculty of Commerce at South Valley University ,who invented the project “Soilless planting”, which won the first position in the field of Agricultural Engineering in Scientific Forum for talented and innovators through the cultivation,  which provides a large area of farmland, Where Mahmoud Abdel Mawgood Ahmed one of innovators said to the media that he invented with his colleagues Yosery Abualhamed and Amr Ali the project which aims to produce lowest cost feed and provide cultivated area of fodder as possible,  and replanting basic products such as wheat in addition to provide new job opportunities   He added that  this idea need only a piece of land and buying equipped room for the heavy production of barley, and customers of our project are not a specific category, but those who cares livestock and birds, whether for business or for personal use which will provide nearly (2) million acre which are planted alfalfa annually . While Mahmoud stressed that the project will implement when providing the funding that will cost about 160 thousand pounds, which is considered a low cost for the production and effectiveness of the project.    It is noted that Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president was visited the Science Club and listened to opinions of students Club from various faculties and he ordered installation air-condition in the club for students and providing all the needs of the club as well as the demands of the students, beside he honored the students.      Moreover Dr. Mahmoud Abd Al-Sadek, scientific advisor of the club stressed that the students have a right in take care of them via media, due to their rare inventions and modern, and pointed out that the visit of the university President for honoring the student of the club and stressed on responding to all their demands As Mr. Mohamed Adly, the club manager expressed his happiness to the university president’s visit and attention to the demands of the club and the students