President of Student union thanks the University President for his cooperation with the Union and the great achievements during 40 days since the union election



 In the framework of scientific cooperation between South Valley University and Universities of Yemen, Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Hakim Al- Shorbagy, the president of Sana’a University visits South Valley University for activating and signing Memorandum of Understanding of between the two universities.
The agreement provides documenting the cooperation in the educational programs, scientific, cultural and artistic besides developing future programs between them, while the agreement focuses on cooperation in training and qualifying employees, administrators and technicians through exchange visits, besides providing free grants for training courses by south valley university and contribution in workshops and joint symposiums, it’s also facilitating procedures of registration and enrollment for students of Sana’a university to complete postgraduate in accordance with admission requirements of registration at SVU
It’s worth mentioning that prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president has visited Yemen and signed several agreements with Yemen universities as well as he visited Science and Technology University.
On other hand, the university president welcomed to visiting of Prof. Dr. Abd Al-Hakim Al- Shorbagy, which will increase the friendship and cooperation among Egyptian universities and Yemen, as well as exchanging the scientific experiences, cultural and artistic, emphasizing on historical relationship of two countries. On the other hand, he thanked all presidents of universities of Yemen for his reception during his visit to universities of Yemen.