President of Student union thanks the University President for his cooperation with the Union and the great achievements during 40 days since the union election



The University website Conducted dialogue with student /Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah ,president of the student union at the university while his traveling to meet Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic with the Student Union of Egypt, where he expressed his happiness with this meeting ,and thanked Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of the Republic for his interest in meeting with us in order to listen to the problems of students , their opinions and suggestions, confirming that he will ask him on the role of students in the Renaissance project and his interest to the universities of Upper Egypt .

He also thanked the university president and his cooperation with Student Union, which resulted in many achievements during 40 days was included students' problems, such as the university restaurant, which was outside the university and we were able to be within the university, also in collaboration with the university administration that we solve the problem of cafeterias at the university and medical services at the hospital campus, beside visiting a restaurant of the university Dormorties .

As for the activities during 40 days we implemented a lot of student activities such as the public service camp, scouts, families league at the highest level and the activities of faculties and various competitions, then he thanked the university president for his cooperation, which is in the interest of the student and the university